Laforet tells “Visual Stories” behind the lens

Photographer and director Vincent Laforet informed and entertained the audience at our 6Sight conference this summer with stories of how, for example, he “shot from the needle of the Empire State Building” — and now those stories are available to all in his first solo book.

“Visual Stories is effectively a look back through 18 years of my work as a photographer for The New York Times, Time, Life, Newsweek, and National Geographic amongst others,” Laforet says, “as well as commercial, aerial, sports, and fine art photography.   I didn’t want to write too technical of a book – so I decided to focus more on the stories behind the images, the thought process and often the psychology involved in making the photographs. I talk as much about the “why” as I do about the “how” if you will.”

The $44 book contains full-color spreads, with scene details and technical information to help tell the visual stories of events such as Hurricane Katrina, the Olympic Games, and the war zone of Pakistan.

Publisher New Riders says “There is an art to capturing a photo that tells a story. You need to know what belongs in the frame and what to leave out, what to emphasize in the photo that adds to the story, and how to use light, shape, and color all to express meaning while lending aesthetic value to the image itself.

Readers will learn how the principles of photojournalism can be applied to telling stories with a single image, and how to use light, shape, and color to create rich photos that tell the story as well as add sensitivity to beauty and emotion.

There are also 60 informational videos on an accompanying DVD.

More information is here.