Nikon D800 image surpasses medium-format cameras, says DxOMark

DxO Labs’s camera image analysis website DxOMark reports its tests show the new Nikon D800is “the best camera ever tested by DxOMark in terms of image quality.”

DxO says the latest SLR “illustrates the consistent improvement that digital camera manufacturers have been able to achieve in the last few years, mimicking Moore’s law that has ruled the silicon industry for decades now.”

The D800 surpasses the best medium-format cameras, the firm adds, “which are priced more than 10 times higher!” DxO Labs says. The D800 achieves the best dynamic range and the highest color sensitivity ever measured, the company adds, “taking the lead on the DxOMark scale with 95 points.”

DxOMark data shows “the amazing progress of sensor performance over the past decade,” the report concludes, “from the Canon 1Ds released in 2002 with a DxOMark Score of 63, to the Nikon D3 and the Canon 1Ds Mark III, which both reached a DxOMark Score of 80 in 2007.”

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