Photosmith brings Lightroom-like features to iPad

“Taking photos is only half the work,” says developer C² Enterprises. “Sorting, organizing, and sharing are every bit as important – but they’re also a chore.” With Photosmith on the iPad, “you can do it as easily in a crowded train as on your couch, or a beach-side hammock.”

What’s more, the app is designed to automatically synchronize with Adobe’s Lightroom software running on a full desktop PC or Mac. “When you get back to your computer, it’s a matter of two taps to synchronize it all back to Lightroom,” C²  says.

“Photosmith effortlessly adapts to your needs with finely crafted tools like metadata presets and the innovative Smart Groups that intuitively groups photos for you,” the company adds. “Smart Groups make it as simple as moving a slider to select just the right groups, whether you process your photos one at a time or need to update a thousand at once. Once selected, the intelligent keywording interface and QuickTag bar puts the full power of your keyword hierarchy at your fingertips.”

Photosmith is not an image editing tool, and lacks tools such as exposure or cropping. Other features include:

• Apply star ratings and color labels

• Apply keywords and IPTC metadata individually, in groups, or with presets

• Share highlights and rough selections to Facebook, Flickr or by e-mail

• Support for RAW, JPG, or RAW+JPG

• Support for 100% zoom in many cameras

• Directly receive from Eye-Fi cards