Scalado beams photos from iPhone to web-connected display

With the latest imaging app from developer Scalado, an iPhone can send any image in its main Camera Roll to any web-connected display.

The $1 Photobeamer running on the phone reads a QR code displayed on the webpage — and then the phone user can choose images from the phone to show on the display, “without any need for pre-configurations or pre-registrations,” the company says. It makes photos “available anytime, anywhere on any screen” — smart TV, tablet, PCs, projector screens, or laptops. “Just point your iPhone at any screen displaying and you’ll be able to enjoy your photos anywhere with family and friends. It’s a modern era slide projector available anytime, anywhere.” It works over 3G and WiFi connections.

Scalado adds its progressive beaming and imaging technology “ensure the fastest possible experience even over slow connections.”

More information is here.

Scalodo will demonstrate this and other technologies at The 6Sight Future of Imaging Conference.