Automatically mixing video from multiple users at the same location

Vyclone says it has developed “the way to co-create, sync and share movies with people around you” — and the company this week reports it teamed with Nissan to create “the world’s first crowd-sourced racing lap.” At Le Mans 2012, thirty volunteers “armed themselves with iPhones and iPads to help chart the first ever racing lap of the Nissan DeltaWing.”

The company recently launched its iOS app in the UK. The Vyclone mobile video app lets you “create movies that mix your clips with footage taken by other people filming the same events. Instantly. Film an event together, upload your footage to Vyclone and receive a movie with all your combined perspectives,” the company says. “It collects and synchronizes any clips taken at the same time and place. Then it edits them together, cutting between shots to show the scene from every point of view.”

The system uses GPS location information tagged into the uploaded video files.

Technology Review reports co-developer Joe Sumner, a singer-songwriter, “thought of the idea in 2010 while touring… He noticed that audience members spent much of  the show recording it with their cell phones and then posted their videos on YouTube. Sumner figured there must be a simple way to link all the phones at an event and create an automatically generated compilation of the different videos taken simultaneously. That way “people would be able to look at every single viewpoint and see everything,” he says.”