ICanHasCheezburger? RPI to print internet memes


Today, “people crave a connection with tactile objects to accompany their virtual experiences,” says private-label photo printer RPI. And personalized products fill that craving, extending the content experience into the physical world.

Now, to meet growing consumer demand in the online greeting card, pet humanization and mass customization categories, RPI partnered with leading humor website Cheezburger to offer personalized “ICanHasCheezburger” cards.

More than 20,000 photos and videos are uploaded to Cheezburger’s properties every day, the company says.

Seattle, Wash-based RPI (Reischling Press, Inc.) produces personalized photo books, greeting cards and stationery products for mass and specialty retailers. Through its embedded storefront service, RPI says it can offer Cheezburger and other brands a new way to monetize the social photography experience.

The two companies are working with The Madison Park Group, a manufacturer and distributor in the specialty stationery and gift industry.

The companies say the partnership “demonstrates how companies can further their existing brands, drive additional revenue and increase customer loyalty through personalized products.”

RPI CEO Rick Bellamy explains why social imaging will prove increasingly important to photography and printing in our interview here.