One Billion Cameras Shipped — in phones


One billion cameras were shipped in 2012, ABI Research projects — that is, in smartphones and tablets.

Almost every smartphone shipped today has an embedded rear camera and one in three smartphones have a front-facing camera, the research firm says. The number of media tablets with two cameras is even greater. “Purchasers expect to be able to take photos with their devices, and the popularity of video calling is driving the integration of front-facing cameras.”

Furthermore, ABI adds, 2.7 billion cameras in mobile devices are predicted to ship in 2018. Smartphones account for the majority of camera shipments, at 80% of the volume. More smartphones are anticipated to include front-facing cameras as video calling becomes more commonplace and the implementation of LTE network infrastructure in countries will further strengthen the demand of smartphones with these front-facing cameras.

The majority of smartphone releases this year have kept camera resolution around 8 megapixels, ABI notes. Mobile OEMs have looked into new features such as autofocus, rapid capture mode, best picture, and better image captures for low light environments. “Advancements in imaging technology are opening new doors for smartphones and media tablets,” the analysts add. “Mobile device cameras are becoming more than just a digital camera for taking snapshots of your kids and pet. New services like augmented reality and gesture recognition are now easily conceivable in mobile devices.”

More information on the study “More Than a Digital Camera” is here.