See you next week at the Future Imaging Summit

With The Future Imaging Summit, the Association of Imaging Executives looks ahead into the next five years of imaging technology and its impact on the photography business.
Sponsored by HP, this two-day, four-session conference will provide you with insight and advice on the most important aspects of your industry.

The Summit opens Sunday, January 6, 1:30, with:

Cameras and Image Capture: Upcoming technology for taking better pictures from camera, phone, and sensor makers.
Speakers include Kayce Baker, Fujifilm; Stephen Saltzman, Intel/InVisage; Paul Gallagher, Pelican; Jay Kelbley, Samsung; Mike Kahn, Sony; Jason Mitura, Viewdle. This session is sponsored by Sony.

Next, we have:
Sharing and Social Imaging: How your business can benefit from changes in photo viewing caused by online imaging and smartphone sharing.
Speaking on this panel are experts from a wide array of companies, such as experts in WiFi connectivity, online services, connected cameras, mobile phones, and shareable photo apps for marketing. They include: Yuval Koren, Eye-Fi; Giovanni Thomaselli, ION; Juha Alakarhu, Nokia; David Toner, Photobucket; Rick Bellamy, RPI; Nate Grahek, StickyAlbums.

The second day of the Future Imaging Summit opens with:
Apps and Software: The latest desktop and mobile apps for editing and enhancing images.
Speaking here are Brad Malcolm, Athentech; Craig Copley, Corel; Jim Tierney, Digital Anarchy; Vahe Christianian, LifePics; Oren Boiman, Magisto; and Lori Birtley, Microsoft. This session is sponsored by LifePics.

AIE’s Future of Imaging Summit concludes with:
Printing and other Output: It’s not all on screen: the latest tools, techniques, and materials for physical photo display.
The session will start with a special presentation from Yishai Amir of HP’s Indigo business. Joining him for the discussion panel are Reiner Fageth, CeWe PhotoBooks; Jay. Hitchens, Ecce Terram; Andrew Laffoon, Mixbook; Ron Kubara, Noritsu; Jesse Goff, Print My Watercolor; Don Goedeker, Xerox.
This session is sponsored by CeWe PhotoBooks.

We look forward to seeing you next week.
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